Fused glass blue fish shoal

Fused glass blue fish shoal

Fused glass blue fish shoal with standoff wall fixingsI use a variety of different shades of blues so each one is unique. There are 13 fish in the shoals, I usually have 3 in an opaque glass and 10 in a transparent

They are approximately 37cm long and 15cm high but are hand made so can vary slightly.

Each set is sent with 2 standoff wall fixings which work with the natural holes within the shoal. this is a great way to display your glass as they are set slightly off the wall so you get light going through the piece which gives a beautiful shadow and coloured reflection of the glass 

All of my items are lovingly hand crafted from my workshop/shop in beautiful Bude, Cornwall and are all of our own designs.The colours can vary so let me know if you would like to see a picture of the exact item being sent to you.

    If you have a problem with your purchase please contact me as soon as possible


    Please be aware that I recylce packaging where ever possible. Products are not gift wrapped or gift boxed.